Braun SE7280 Silk-Epil Xpressive Epilator Body System – Corded

Braun has introduced the Silk-epil Xpressive Body System with the goal of leveling up the epilation process in women. This one comes with a pivoting 40-tweezer epilator that promotes smooth skin for several weeks. Much more, this best epilator can reduce any kind of discomfort brought by other hair removal methods.

What Users Like: 

  • The pain becomes less painful with each use
  • Leaves the skin thoroughly plucked, neat, and smooth
  • Easy to clean
What Users Dislike: 

  • Very painful especially on first use.
  • Leaves tiny red spots on the skin after epilation
  • The massage mechanism of the device limits its gripping areas.

Hair Removal Options

Older models of epilators work to pinch and pull hair from the skin, which make it very painful. This tool, on the other hand, massages the skin before and after the epilation process for a more convenient and comfortable epilation. Its 40-tweezer system works best to take away even the tiniest hairs. Also, it comes with a SmartLight, which highlights every hair you have so you can gain complete control.

Speed Control

  • Does not come with speed control


This is a corded epilator, which means you can use this without any interruption due to battery failure. However, the cord makes Braun Silk-epil less ideal for travel.

Pain Factor

  • Pain is reduced because of its massage system.
  • It stimulates the skin before epilating and soothes it gently once done for reduced pain.
  • It comes with Olay Pre-epilation wipes that can soften the skin prior to the epilation process for an even gentler hair removal.

Hair Removal Results

  • Fast and close shave
  • Regrowth of hair is slow, usually four weeks after epilation
  • Hair grows finer and thinner every time
  • Works great for underarms, bikini line, and other challenging areas


  • 4.5 x 9.8 x 7.8 inches
  • 15.2 ounces

Cleaning Options

This epilator is fully washable.

What’s in the Box?

  • epilator
  • shaver head and trimmer
  • efficiency cap
  • beginner cap
  • pre-epilation wipes
  • pouch

Price Range

This epilator is a bit expensive at a price of $170-$200.

3 Replies to “Braun SE7280 Silk-Epil Xpressive Epilator Body System – Corded”

  1. I am not that much happy about this product as I really got disappointed when I got one. It has pivoting head but it goes only in two directions, which makes it useless. It has this feature that massages the skin but it limits the gripping areas for the tweezers. I think I will be shopping for a better one soon.

  2. I used to have Epilady as my epilator before but this model from Braun is so much better. It definitely is stronger than the Epilady and it does not tend to overheat or get weak over time.

  3. I really LOVE this product, though my first use of this epilator was very painful. However, the pain was all worth it. With every use, the pain becomes lesser and lesser. I love the fact that this epilator gets every hair out upon running the epilator over the spot several times. I advise you to use this at night as you are left with tiny red spots where the hair is pulled out. The following morning, the spots will be gone.

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