Braun Silk-epil SoftPerfection Easy Start Hair Remover 3240

Braun Silk-epil SoftPerfection 3240Braun is known for its line of good quality epilators. The Silk-epil SoftPerfection Easy Start Hair Remover 3240 is not an exception. Together with the rest of the models in the SoftPerfection line, the Braun 3240 is one of the best epilators there is today. Check out this brief review of this epilator and see what it has to offer you.

What Users Like:

  • the optional attachment with less tweezers is great for a gentler epilation
  • far less painful than waxing
  • new hair growth is very soft
  • easy to use
  • slow hair growth

What Users Dislike:

  • slight discomfort during epilation
  • tiny red spots after epilation


Epilator Features

  • SoftLift system for extra close epilation and for short hair removal
  • Easy start epilation head
  • 20 tweezer system that removes hair efficiently from the roots
  • EfficiencyPro clip to help you cover a larger skin area
  • Optional attachment with less tweezers for the first time users

Speed Control

  • Has two epilation speeds (low and high) for maximum epilation control


  • Corded (dual voltage)

Pain Factor

  • has four-way moving pain softener
  • its two active massage rollers stimulate the skin before and after epilation for an extra gentle epilation

Hair Removal Results

  • extra close epilation
  • smooth skin up to four weeks
  • removes even flat lying hairs
  • extra gentle epilation
  • fast hair removal


  • Weight: 1.4 pounds

Cleaning Options

  • Comes with a brush for easy cleaning

What’s in the Box?

  • epilator
  • massaging rollers clip
  • EfficiencyPro clip
  • starter epilaton head
  • cord connector
  • pouch
  • brush

Price Range

  • $55-$75

2 Replies to “Braun Silk-epil SoftPerfection Easy Start Hair Remover 3240”

  1. Just after two seconds of using this epilator, I was really pleased. It is very easy to use and the instructions that come with it are very helpful. It does not even hurt that much. I am using this for my legs, bikini line, and underarms. If you are considering epilation, I recommend you to get this one.

  2. I gave this epilator a shot and I love how it gives me a hair removal experience that is way less painful than waxing. I felt only a very slight discomfort and my legs look shiny and smooth afterwards. In my case, the smooth skin lasts for two weeks. Now, I epilate only around twice a month.

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