Best Corded And Cordless Epilator: Remington EP6025

Do you travel often yet you don’t want to trust too much on an epilator’s battery all the time? What you need is a corded and cordless operation in just one device. The best epilator of this kind in the market is the Remington EP6025. Check out why this epilator is getting this kind of title among all others in the market.

Being Corded and Cordless

One of the reasons why a corded and cordless epilator works really best is that it can be a perfect gadget for a lot of women, especially those who travel often. The cordless epilation can be used during travels without worrying about incompatibilities in the voltage and outlets.  This can also be conveniently used at home since the user no longer needs to stick near an outlet to do her everyday epilation needs. When the battery runs out and you are not yet finished with your epilation, its corded feature can come to the rescue right away. You need not wait a few minutes before you can use the epilator again as being plugged means it is ready to work again.

The Remington EP6025 is just this kind of epilator to serve you. It even comes with a charge indicator light that will help you be guided every time you try to recharge the battery for its cordless operations. However, this epilator is perfect for dry epilation only.

Other Features

Besides being a notable cordless/corded epilator, the Remington EP6025 hosts a lot of efficient features for the best epilation possible. It comes with two speed settings that can work for both fine and coarse hairs. It even uses moisturizing comfort technology and gentle fingers for a gentle and comfortable epilation experience. Its price runs around 60 to 80 dollars.

An epilator that is both corded and cordless is a very good investment. When speaking of such kind of epilator, the Remington EP6025 must be always on top of your list as it offers perfection, efficiency, and comfort during epilation.

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