Most Complete Epilator: Braun 5180 Silk-Epil X’elle

When looking for the best epilator, it is not enough that you check at all its features closely. Sometimes, you can tell the difference of one epilator from the rest by checking what other accessories come with the device itself. This will tell you bonus services that the epilator offers on top of what is already being talked about in terms of its features.

In the search for the best epilator with the most complete box, we have found the Braun 5180 Silk-Epil Xelle. If other epilators simply come with a manual, a pouch, and a brush as standard accessories, this one has a lot more to offer you.

What’s in the Box?

This Braun epilator is packaged with all the standard things that you can find in an epilator such as the epilator itself, the manual, a pouch, and a cleaning brush. The pouch, as you know will be very helpful for travel and storage purposes. On the other hand, the brush is a good tool for cleaning purposes for best hygiene possible.

Besides these things, this epilator is packed with various clips for a more efficient and comfortable epilation experience. It comes with a massaging roller clip that soothes and stimulates the skin during epilation for a reduced pulling sensation during the hair removal process. Its EfficiencyPro clip, on the other hand, makes sure a large area is covered during epilation for faster results.

Moreover, this epilator comes with a starter epilation head. This has fewer tweezers that will help beginners to have their skin get used to the epilation experience. Lastly, it comes with a dermatologically-approved cooling glove that helps reduce irritation when removing hairs.

The Braun 5180 has almost everything you need in an epilator in its box. Hence, you can never ask for more from this device. When speaking of complete accessories for the best epilation experience possible, Braun 5180 is the best choice all the time.

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