The Best Dry Epilator: Remington EP6025

In today’s modern world of epilators, a lot of women are choosing those wet and dry options already. However, did you know that there are some dry epilators that can work at par with those wet and dry systems? The Remington EP6025 rechargeable epilator is becoming a good choice despite its incapacity to offer a gentler and more relaxing wet epilation experience. Check out the reasons making this epilator a good dry epilator option.


The Remington EP6025 is designed with various features making hair removal a more efficient and successful experience for everyone. Its tweezers alone make it a good epilator already. It has a twin tweezer system that allows a more effective hair removal from the roots and its 42 tweezers can bring up a fast epilation experience.

Pain Factor

Remington EP6025 is one proof that it does not always take a wet epilation to experience a gentle and comfortable hair removal. This epilator employs a moisturizing comfort technology that hugs the skin gently allowing the tweezers to epilate while moisturizing. This promises an added relief during epilation. Moreover, this epilator comes with gentle fingers that work to massage the skin after epilation for reduced pain.


This best dry epilator offers epilation efficiency because of several reasons. One, it works under two speed settings. This only means that the user can choose from different speeds depending on her hair removal needs. For beginners, a slow speed setting is ideal for a gentle epilation experience. This speed is also ideal for working on sensitive areas as well as removing fine hairs. On the other hand, a high speed setting is ideal to be used for faster epilation, especially when dealing with coarse and thick hairs.

Moreover, this epilator can work either corded or cordlessly. This promotes ease and convenience of use to most users as this device can be used in almost all situations. Being cordless, it can be used anywhere, even miles away from home. When the battery runs out, it can be easily plugged for a continuous operation.

The Remington EP6025 epilator is earning a lot of positive reviews for a reason. The features mentioned above are just a glimpse of what this epilator can offer you. So if you are someone who is not comfortable with the idea of epilating in the shower, this is definitely a good choice for you.

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