The Epilator With Most Features: Braun SE7281 Wet and Dry Epilator

What are the features that you must look for in an epilator? More often than not, you need to get an epilator that has a lot of features to guarantee a very good hair removal experience. One of the epilators that has the most features is the Braun Silk-Epil 7281 wet and dry epilator. Read on further and discover what all its offers are for your epilation experience.

Efficiency Features

What is great about this Braun epilator is that it is designed with a lot of features that work to make the hair removal process an efficient one all the time. One of its patented features is the wet and dry HairLift system. This helps in lifting, loosening, and removing flat-lying and short hairs at the root. This promises not only a thorough epilation but also a very gentle one. Moreover, this epilator is designed with a pivoting head, which allows the device to follow the contours of the body for more efficiency.

Another great feature of the Braun SE7281WD epilator is the SmartLight technology. This works to light the area so that even fine hairs will be revealed to you. This avoids missing a few strands of hair during the epilation process.

Pain Reduction Features

What makes this Braun epilator a good device is its number of pain reduction features. One, it has a massaging system that works to stimulate the skin before epilation and soothe the skin afterwards to make the whole experience a gentle and comfortable one for you.

Moreover, this device comes with two speed settings for different epilation needs. Those who are only beginners in the world of epilation can take advantage of the low speed for a gentle epilation experience. On the other hand, others can choose a high speed setting for efficient and fast removal of thick and coarse hairs in less sensitive areas of the body.

The quality and services of a good epilator can usually be seen by the number of great features it offers. So the next time you need to shop for an epilator, make sure to check out the features it offers first to ensure you’ll get the best out of it.

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