The Epilator With The Least Pain: Braun Silk-Epil Xpressive Body System

A lot of women who have used an epilator before cannot argue with the fact that epilation is a painful hair removal operation. With multiple hairs being pulled from the roots at the same time, you can just imagine how painful the situation can be. However, there is no need for you to worry about this fact. This is true because some epilators are designed to specifically lessen the pain brought by the normal epilation experience.

One of the best epilators that can offer the least pain during epilation is the Braun SE7281 Silk-epil Xpressive Body System. This epilator has been earning a lot of good reviews in the market simply because of its offers of a very comfortable and gentle epilation experience. Check out the offers of this Braun epilator in terms of making the experience far from painful for you:

Wet and Dry System

Epilating in warm water can be very gentle to the skin. The warmth of the water can promote proper circulation, make the skin less sensitive, and stimulate pain-reducing substance production. This results not only in a relaxing and soothing hair removal but also an ultra gentle one.

High Frequency Massage System

All Braun epilators are known for their massage rollers that help reduce the plucking sensation brought by normal epilation. However, this specific model has a high frequency massage system that better stimulates and soothes the skin during hair removal to promote the best skin comfort.


Experts have marked this Braun epilator as a good solution for a gentle hair removal giving credits to all its unique and state-of-the-art skin-soothing features. This is as per recommendation of Dr. Petra Staubach of the University Skin Clinic in Mainz.

Olay Pre-epilation Wipes

Besides the soothing features of this epilator, it comes with Olay pre-epilation wipes in the box. This is designed by Olay in helping the skin relax prior to epilation, which then promotes the best skin comfort during the hair removal process.

With all these features, the Braun SE7281 deserves credit in becoming a good device to offer the least painful operation. Other features that make this model a good epilator include pivoting head, close-grip technology, SoftLift tips, and Smartlight technology.

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