Remington EP-4000 Smooth and Silky Epilator

remington epilator review


  • has massaging combs for more efficient epilation
  • corded/cordless operation
  • has two speed settings
  • easy to clean
  • 42 tweezers

What Users Like


  • Its massage combs can lift hairs for a more efficient epilation.
  • It effectively removes even small hairs.
  • It is cordless, which make epilation more convenient.
  • It performs quietly.
  • It is very easy to clean.

What Users Dislike


  • This epilator cannot be used wet.
  • It seems to cut the hairs instead of really plucking them.
  • It is not good for use on sensitive areas such as the bikini line.
  • The device is not too powerful.

The Remington Smooth and Silky line of epilators is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s market. This is true because of its offers of efficiency and reliability. The Remington EP-4000 is just one of the best epilator models under this line of device from Remington. Read on and find out whether this epilator is true to the promise of the brand in providing good quality epilation to everyone or not.

Epilator Features

  • This epilator has massaging combs that can lift hairs for better and more efficient epilation.
  • It has a body curve design for faster epilation.
  • It has perfectly positioned 42 tweezers for a 50 percent faster and more efficient epilation experience.

Speed Control

  • This epilator has two speed options where low speed can work well for fine hairs while high speed is for coarse hairs.


  • This is an epilator that can work both under corded and cordless operation.

Pain Factor

  • This epilator is designed with massaging combs that ease hairs into the epilator for a more comfortable experience.

Hair Removal Results

  • This offers a fast hair removal.
  • The epilator can efficiently remove even small hairs.
  • It offers a smooth skin after epilation.
  • It provides a reduced pulling sensation while epilating.


  • 4 x 6 x 10 inches
  • 1.4 pounds

Cleaning Options

  • This epilator comes with a washable head for ease of cleaning.
  • It even comes with a cleaning brush that can be a good alternative for efficient cleaning.

What’s in the Box?

  • epilator
  • power adaptor
  • cleaning brush

Price Range

  • $40 – $65
  • This is one good epilator for this price. However, there are other epilators at this price range that can offer a lot more features than this one.

3 Replies to “Remington EP-4000 Smooth and Silky Epilator”

  1. I gave this epilator a try and I can never be more pleased. I feel a slight stinging but the experience is not at all uncomfortable. I love that it can be used for my legs and underarms and epilate even the most stubborn hairs. This is one great product that is also very easy to clean!

  2. I used to have an Epilady but I love the Remington EP-4000 better. It is quieter, sturdier, and can remove even very small hairs. I also love its little combs that lift the hairs for a more efficient epilation.

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